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      Callaway's Epic is Built for SPEED

      Callaway's Epic is Built for SPEED

      Callaway Golf showed off their new Epic Series this week at the 2021 Virtual PGA Merchandise Show. We wanted to get an expert’s opinion on the new driver, so we caught up with PGA Coach Cathy Kim to find out what golfers should be expecting if they’re considering upgrading this season.

      And if you’re looking for even more in-depth analysis on the series, check out the video from Callaway from this week’s show.
      When you’re looking for a driver, I always recommend testing them out and finding the one that gives you the most consistent results for confidence off the tee. Callaway has not only come up with a head with improved clubhead speed, but it’s also made it easier to hit the center more often.
      When looking down at the Speed driver, the head shape might look slightly different than other driver heads. They found a more efficient shape that reduces drag and can add some additional clubhead speed. Unlike some companies that moved the center of gravity to the back of the driver for ball speed consistency, Callaway decided to move theirs up to improve ball spin consistency. This can help with forgiveness for most players. — Cathy Kim, PGA


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